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Important events
1n 1956-5
Machine repairing factory of industry department of hunan province grain bureau, was formally founded
In 1958-8 Hunan province grain bureau and changsha people committee aughorized to rebuilt xiangliang machinery factory basis on the old machine repairing factory.
In1959-12 Xiangliang machinery factory was formally founded, and began to manufacture Model ZLY90 oil squzzer, Model457 Fast-roller rice whitener, model 750 Rice huller,model11.355 combined irce whitener, model TX280 stoner and LM24-2C rice huller
In1970-3 Manufctured 701 Military products and C678K-1 Lathe
In1973-1 The xiangliang products began to be exported to Indonesia, Philippines ans Srl Lanka etc.As the printed export base of national
In1979-8 Manufactured Model NP-70 air-jet rice whitener and model ZQSB-355 Hand pump
In1985-12 Changsha grain burean instead of hunan province grain burean supervised xiangliang machinery factory.
In1986-1 Manufactured NF15A Air-jet rice whitener
In1986-10 Manufactured YPCY.35 home-using paddy  whitener
In1987-3 Manufactured NP-50, NP70,NP120 rice whitener
In1988-6 Manufactured NP5-3home-using paddy whitener
In1990-12 Manufacture Model MLNJ15/15 complete set of rice processing equipment.
In1991-5 Manufactured MGCZ63X3 paddy/brown rice gravity separtor and 6MKB10 Bran Freshness preserver.
In1994-12 Manufactured MLNJ15 Vertical air-jet rice whitener
In1998-5 Manufactured NF18,NF14 Whitener, and 50T complete set of rice processing equipment began to produced.

The company won the bidsof building the nation grain storage stations for storage and gate &windows equipments.MNML40 series rice whitener, MCMG14,16 eries rice polisher,MGCZ40X2 series paddy/brwon rice separator, MMJX42 series cylinder inteded separator and MMJP60X7 series rice grader were manufactured.100T complete set of rice processing project was working.The 100T single set of rice whitener began to be produced.

In2001-4 Succeed to design the model MNLP Embryo rice milling
In2001-12 The moving-belt conveyor,moving cleaning sieve won te bid of national grain storage equipment project.
In2001-8 Annex the changsha grain&oil machinery factory.Model50,75,100 grain suction equipmens wend to manufacturing
In2002-2-5 The Moving sucking machine and the moving digging food machine won the bid the national grain storge equipment project.
In2002-9 Purchase 75,000sq,meter ground in xiangsha state economical and technological development zone,which was for the new company.
In2003-12 The new companyrebuilding was finished ,and engaged in producing.
In2005-6 Hunan province xiangliang machinery manufacture was formally reformed from hunan province xiangliang machinery factory.
In2005-11 The MNMD18X3 Three-roll microtherm rice whitener was designed, and enter into the market.Meanwhile, NF series Mircotherm rice whitener and MPG series Polisherr wre put into the area of produce.
In2006-3 Succeeded to research the Wheel-type moving sucking conveyer which is used in the area of cotton seeds and coal powder and cement.Meanwhile, successded to research many types of sucking machine for storage.
In2006-5 The MMJP100X7 rice high-square sifter and NP25Iron-roller rice milling were put into the area of produce.
In2007-7 Succeeded to reseach the wheel-type moving sucking conveyer which is used in the food storage and export to Mali. Succeeded to reseach the 150 dock sucking machine.
In2008-5 Support Sichuan eartquake relief equipment: MLNJ15/15B,CTNM25B complete set of rice milling machine, total 4,000,000,
In2009-09 Storage equipment seriation, succeeded to reseach high effect cleaning 
In2009-09 machine.Invest 10,000,000RMB, to expand new plant,purchae CNC Lathe, CNC bending machine demolition,CNC Shearing, Flame Cutting Machine