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Ninth grain and oil products and equipment exhibition opened in Nanjing

Date:2013年1月6日 16:54
        The ninth China international grain and oil products and equipment technology exhibition opening in Nanjing International Exhibition Center grand at 9:00 today.Held in conjunction with the 60th anniversary of the National Food Industry Exhibition.The exhibition attracted a large number of related industry professionals and the general public to come to discuss and visit.
        It is understood that the current international grain and oil products and equipment and technology exhibition area of ??more than 15 thousand square meters, attracted 500 exhibiting companies.Around the characteristic products of grain and oil  focus on appearance in Nanjing, exhibits include rice, flour, oil products, grain and oil deep processing products, as well as around the characteristics of grain and oil products, involving almost all aspects of the industry chain.Muyang Group, Hunan Xiangliang machinery、Hunan Chenzhou Grain Machine, Yongxiang grain machine, Jiangsu Hexi, Qili machinery and other domestic enterprises, as well as well-known foreign grain companies such as Italy GBS in China, have participated in the exhibition .
        The same time organized the National Food Industry Exhibition "is a continuation of the Beijing National Exhibition, witch is dedicated to the 60 anniversary of National Day .Exhibition loyal refining the form of pictures, objects, models, thematic video clips to introduce the brilliant achievements in the industry for 60 years.
        The exhibition total  area is 7,500 square meters, the exhibition is  divided to the comprehensive exhibition、provinces exhibition and large enterprise zones in
 three major.Truly comprehensive exhibition depicting the great achievements made in the 60 years of China's grain industry.It is reported that Dalian Beiliang port miniatures exhibition in the exhibition.The provincial exhibition is to highlight the fruitful results in the each province around 60 years.COFCO, Yihai, Anhui Grain Wholesale Market, Zhengzhou Grain Wholesale Market, Dalian Commodity Exchange and other large enterprises has participate in the exhibition of the exhibition.The total exhibition area is ??over 2700 square meters, focuses on the great historical contributions made by the the above enterprises in the protection of national grain and oil security, promote the industrial development of the food industry, to promote scientific and technological innovation of the industry.

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