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  • Products' name: Grain Board
  • Products' number: EB-S03-007
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        This series of curved, flat, herringbone steel grain retaining plate frames are made of high quality of cold-formed rectangular hollow section welded, welding firm and smooth, inner cavity filled with polystyrene foam, thermal insulation. The panel can choose color steel or galvanized steel, both luxury and anti-corrosion. Each set of grain retaining plate below two fan is arranged in a grain discharging door, with the roof closed upper end. The series of steel grain retaining plate with novel design, beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, reliable performance, high strength, good rigidity, big bearing capacity ( can withstand the horizontal lateral pressure above 18KPA ), good thermal sealing property, unless otherwise specified in the technology, can at an ambient temperature of - 40 ° C to 50°C, temperature 10% ~ 99%RH under the long-term security and stability work. And has the characteristics of flame retardant, corrosion resistance and other excellent properties. Can effectively ensure the normal opening and closing the door sealing, improve storage efficiency, is preferred to the national grain storage construction and distribution of storage facilities.