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  • Products' name: Circumfluence Suffocating System And The Project Of Heat Preservatio Close Gates And Casementsfor Grain And Food Storage
  • Products' number: EB-S03-003
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Circumfluence suffocating system for grain and food storage is a new highly technology product with good killing pests effect, highly automatization degreen,security and reliable environment protecting.It is adapt to many different types of grain and many shape of storehouse, such as bungalow storage,low circularity storage.The scale of killing pests effects including pests’ eggs and chrysalides, which live in  the grain pile.The perfect storage equipment is indispensable to states grain and food storage



The main system of circumfluence suffocating system for grain and food storage is made of insetting pesticide device,circumflumfluence suffocating device,measuring device, timely controlling device.There are tow types of sets,including immovable sets and moving sets with such good characteristic,brief structure, highly effect, security and reliable, vapouring sufficiently,variety forms,timely supervise controlling ,conveniently manipulation etc