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  • Products' name: Grain pump (flat warehouse type)
  • Products' number: C-X01-007
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  The machine is equipped with moble chassis,rear wheel drive,front wheel steering,battery DC motor drive,full charge endurance of 1.5 hours,The rear part of the chassis is provided with an air source,which is composed of Roots blower and motor muffler to provide power for the pneumatic conveying system.The middle part of the chassis is equipped with a feeding system,which is composed of a feeding cover,a buffer bucket,a blower and a mixing tee.The front end of chassis is equipped with an extension arm,in which a conveying pipe is installed ,According to different window heights,the height of the extension arm is adjusted to facilitate the warehousing operation .A horizontal conveying pipe is installed above the telescopic arm,and a throwing distance adjusting pip is installed at the end of the horizontal conveyoing pipe to control the distance between the throwing materials ,the horizontal pipe can be rotated to facilitate the distribution in the bin and the recovery of the machine diretion during the movement,so as to facilitate the movement ,A platform is arranged on the t op of the telescopic arm to facilitate the ovservation of the materials in the



1.Reduce labor,save ste and labor intensity

2.The feed arm rotates 180 and the outlet nozzle rotates360,basically automatically closing the position and reducing the automatic grading

3.All personnel are working outside the warehouse without dust pollution


technical and specification





Conveying hight (m)


horizontal conveyor distance(m)


Throwing distance(m)


Throwing range(°)


Installed power(kw)


Host power(kw)